AddyPres Solver6 For Families is built to be a TOOL for your family to connect through art, reading together, having discussions and building life skills in compassion, self awareness, self management, social and relationship skills and good decision making. We suggest using the Solver6 to have a technology free out-to-dinner night, make a rainy day sunny, a summer day meaningful OR as an impactful "homework" replacement when you make the suggestion to your educators to partner the Solver6 for Educators enrichment curriculum with your Solver6 For Families purchase. These offerings were built to be used together or as stand alone GOOD PEOPLE builders.

Included with your Solver6 FOR FAMILIES Purchase

*Downloadable pdf files for full series activity plans, each with:

*Art enrichment activities for ages 4-10+

*Literature based Social Emotional Building Family Conversation Prompts

*Family connect opportunities & community volunteer suggestions

*Other enriching opportunity suggestions that connect families

*NOTE: Book suggestions are sold separately and available for purchase below.

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Purchase the full Solver6 Introductory Bundle, complete with the AP Solver6 #1-4 For Families Activity Plans!

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Purchase INDIVIDUAL AP Solver6 Series Plans

Solver6 #1 Gratitude & Wonder

Single Price: $20


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Solver6 #2 Deep In the Woods with Friendship & Community

Single Price: $20


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Solver6 #3 Deep In the Woods with Forgiveness

Single Price: $20


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Solver6 #4 An Awesome Ocean Ecosystem

Single Price: $20


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