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JOY & GRATITUDE With Kristen Anthony, One Who LIVES It!

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | February 7, 2018

There are many ways to show and share gratitude. This trait of character is such a means for enriching our lives and bringing us joy, yet it’s often hard to come by in an over-scheduled world. In our month of celebrating gratitude, we share a story about a human who lives the very meaning of

5 Summer Exercises That Are Good For The Body, Soul & Planet

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | July 13, 2017

Exercise can be difficult to schedule during the summer months when the kids are home. So we say, throw the scheduled exercise OUT and find your active lifestyle in fun activities you can do with the kids instead. We’ve compiled a few ideas for you— We have a favorite on this list, can you guess