The AP ©Solver6 Framework

The AddyPres ©Solver6 framework was developed to help guide educators and homeschooling parents in their endeavor to create engaging, real world opportunities for K-12 students. The framework was utilized to create the bundle offerings on this page & APYS Mentor Program, offerings & activation pages. We offer our framework FREE for all educators to download and use.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the ©Solver6 INTRODUCTORY ELEMENTARY LEVEL BUNDLES

What Comes With My ©Solver6 Introductory Bundle?

Each series helps you lead opportunities that grow social emotional skills in youth. We value these skills because we believe building life skills alongside academics can create a better world for all!

For Educators & Home-Schoolers: Our INTRODUCTORY BUNDLES utilize the ©Solver6 framework to create an ELEMENTARY LEVEL offering, designed to implement over the course of a unit as an enriching curriculum program or a series of single, real world impact experiences for classrooms, libraries or resource centers, and can be built out into real world impact & career path opportunities. When partnered with the AP Introductory ©Solver6 For Families Bundle, these offerings can help build your family-school partnership for thriving students!

For Families: AP ©Solver6 For Families introductory bundles provide parent/family tools or homework replacements that collaborate with the For Educators introductory bundle offering, building opportunities that grow GOOD people who DO GOOD things!


What Books Will I Need For the AP ©Solver6 Elementary Level Introductory Bundles?

All titles for the AP ©Solver6 Introductory Elementary Level Series are shared on our Book List Page, section title: ©Solver6 ENRICHMENT SERIES BOOK SUGGESTIONS

If purchasing the book suggestions is out of reach, be sure to check your local and school library.


What Standard Home/Classroom Supplies Will I Need On Hand for the Introductory ©Solver6 Bundles?

You'll need the following supplies in the classroom or at home for the AP ©Solver6 Introductory Bundles. You'll also need each series' Featured Book (found on book list pages). Any special supplies, beyond this list, are noted within the specific ©Solver6 plan.

  1. Paper and/or canvas
  2. Do-A-Dot art dotters
  3. Watercolors
  4. Acrylic craft paint
  5. Paint brushes
  6. Pencils
  7. Colored Pencils
  8. Crayons.
  10. Our Introductory Bundle, ©Solver6 #4 For Educators Series, suggests the Disney Inspired & National Geographic Educators Guide: Oceans for information and background. This guide is not the intellectual property of AddyPresLifeSTYLE but a free resource we suggest. For your convenience we offer a link to the guide here: DISNEY EDUCATOR GUIDE OCEANS.


Please visit the FREE APYS Mentor Program page for resources and experiences that will inspire stewardship in your classroom and family! Be sure to check out the Mentor Toolbox first!

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***The elementary AP Introductory ©Solver6 Bundle offerings and framework are copyrighted intellectual property of the AddyPresLifeStyle Corporation and available for educational use according to terms. It is not permitted for any further use or distribution without written permission from the AddyPresLifeStyle Corporation. The books, resources and/or other materials we offer as suggestions within our introductory Solver6 series are the property of the authors & publishers. See AddyPres Terms of Use.