Introducing the AP Solver6 Enrichment Series


The AddyPres Solver6 Enrichment Series are built using Evidence Based Rubrics & Research, layering seamlessly over any CASEL recommended Social Emotional Learning framework! AP Solver6 Series have TWO OFFERINGS: Solver6 For Educators with scripted enrichment curriculum for K-5 Classrooms, Libraries or Resource Centers and Solver6 For Families assisting parents at home as an extension to our For Educators offering or as stand alone opportunities to build GOOD people.

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TEACHERS, PARENTS & COMMUNITY MEMBERS LOVE OUR PROGRAMS & for every Solver6 Series sold, AddyPres GIVES another to a school in need. Learn more about our Giving Programs that seek to contribute to raising GOOD people who do GOOD things for PEOPLE & PLANET.

Frequently Asked Questions for Solver6

What Comes With My AP Solver6 Series Purchase?


For Educators & Home-schoolers: Our Solver6 Series For Educators are designed to implement over the course of a unit or week as an enrichment curriculum program or series of single opportunities. When partnered with the AP Solver6 For Families, these offerings help build the family-school partnership for thriving students!

For Families: Our Solver6 For Families assist parent's duel effort with educators to raise GOOD people. The series are meant to be worked into life over the course of many sittings & assist as an activity, reading, discussion and art tool for parents. Each series offers reading discussions, art opportunities & family connect opportunities to assist your value in building the people who will create a better world for all!

Each For Educators & For Families Series is available for immediate download with purchase & includes a Lesson Plan with 6 learning experience opportunities! Within the 6 component framework we explore learning opportunities with SEL standards in literature, art, communication, responsible decision making, mindfulness & self awareness, group work, community building and project and service based learning. Included in each plan is a centering strategy, a headlining book or author suggestion, an art or science activity, project & service based learning plan, enriching resources and/or suggestions, a journal/reflection opportunity, a problem/solution sequence and activity sheet tools. *Each Solver6 For Families offering is a simpler version of the Solver6 For Educators offerings.


What Books Will I Need For AP Solver6's?



All titles for the AP Solver6 Series are available for purchase on our Book List Page, section title: APSolver6 ENRICHMENT SERIES BOOK SUGGESTIONS

These purchases are facilitated by our partnership with Barnes & Noble Book Sellers. If purchasing the book suggestions is out of reach, be sure to check your local and school library.


What Standard Home/Classroom Supplies or Other Supplies Will I Need On Hand?

You'll need the following supplies in the classroom or at home for the AP Solver6 Series. You'll also need each series Featured Book. Any special supplies, beyond this list, that are needed for series projects are noted within the Specific Solver6 plan.

  1. Paper and/or canvas
  2. Do-A-Dot art dotters
  3. Watercolors
  4. Acrylic craft paint
  5. Paint brushes
  6. Pencils
  7. Colored Pencils
  8. Crayons.
  9. JOURNAL: we suggest Kobi Yamada's adorable IDEAS JOURNAL
  10. Our Solver6 #4 For Educators Series, suggests the Disney Inspired & National Geographic Educators Guide: Oceans for information and background. This guide is not intellectual property of AddyPresLifeSTYLE but a resource we suggest. For your convenience we offer a link to the guide here: DISNEY EDUCATOR GUIDE OCEANS.


SHARE Your Solver6 Experiences With Us & We'll Share the Wealth With Your Classroom!



Social Emotional Learning is a framework and building of character that requires components of integrated structure, restructure & consistency and the collaboration of many team players who share values in creating good people, happy communities and a better world. Our offerings are meant to contribute to these frameworks AND inspire your contributions....

We'd LOVE seeing how Solver6 inspired your kids & students to thrive, so please share your AP Solver6 experiences with us, or leave a comment! HAVE AN IDEA for an AP Solver6 Series TOPIC? Share it with us, IF WE PUBLISH YOUR IDEA (doesn't include book suggestions), we'll share a portion of the resources gained with your classroom!

If we publish your idea (doesn't include book suggestions), we'll share a portion of the resources gained with your classroom!

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The AddyPres Solver6 Series offerings and model is a copyrighted intellectual property series of the AddyPresLifeStyle Corporation and available for educational use in homes and classrooms only. It is not permitted for any further use or distribution without written permission from the AddyPresLifeStyle Corporation. The books, resources and/or other materials we offer as suggestions within our Solver6 models are the property of the authors & publishers. See AddyPres Terms of Use.