CONNECTING Communities for PEOPLE. for PLANET. for THEM.

We are driven in these times by the necessity to improve our practices, our youth's education & development and our stewardship as a human race because what we value and what we do in our one life is paving the road our children will have to travel.

Education is the greatest opportunity we have to make the world a BETTER place.



AddyPres Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan public charity, 1% For the Planet Nonprofit Partner and Plastic Pollution Coalition Member.

OUR MISSION is to CONNECT family, education, community and commerce in compassionate values that create a BETTER world for PEOPLE and PLANET.

OUR VISION is the realization of an innovative educational infrastructure that supports every student’s ability to embrace their creativity, connect to their community, engage in life-long learning and contribute positively to a global society.

WE BELIEVE people and planet can exist in harmony through transformations that must take place in education, skills & jobs, health & wellness, energy & industry, food & land use, city infrastructure and technology.




WE ARE A SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE built to provide innovative educational and long-term career pathways for our youth. We connect support partners to schools, providing opportunities that improve outcomes, society & environmental sustainability.


 for PEOPLE. for PLANET. for THEM...We ARE A community, FOR communities.




If you are interested in becoming an AP SUPPORT PARTNER, as an individual, organization or commerce leader, THANK YOU!! Please visit our HOME PAGE to DONATE NOW or use the e-form to CONTACT US to learn more about the many partner incentives your giving dollars gain with AP.

AddyPres Corporation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation organized under the Nonprofit Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes. AddyPres Corporation is a nonpartisan organization, and does not take positions on any legislation or ballot measures, nor does it endorse or oppose any candidates in elections to public office.

Fed Tax ID# 47-2085290





Chad & Vanessa Cole, AP Co-Founders

Chad & Vanessa Cole a husband and wife team, co-founded the AddyPres Corporation, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity in 2014 with great passion to support schools, families & communities. Our founders and their small, experienced team (including their two children), invest their time connecting with leaders, organizations, educators and commerce to root causes, seek solutions and develop (& use) tools that answer calls to action for people & planet.

Vanessa, is the president and driving force of our organization. Previous to co-founding AddyPres, Vanessa spent time in the fashion & design industries. As a young fashion model, she gained a strong appreciation for culture & the arts through world travel and a keen sense of the value of life's opportunities through her unique path. Vanessa graduated a Consumer Sciences Major with emphasis in Political Science from California State University, Northridge. While gaining her degree, Vanessa participated in college leadership & interned for a State Senator. After graduating, Vanessa jumped at an opportunity to follow her passion for design and took a position within a Los Angeles design firm. In her tenure with the firm, Vanessa worked side by side with many diverse & talented individuals, gaining knowledge in architecture, design & marketing. In 2007, Vanessa left her career to become a mother. It was when her son entered kindergarten that Vanessa's passion ignited, blossoming into the mission of the AddyPres Corporation. Vanessa is a lifelong learner, certified in Environmental, Social Governance and Diversity & Inclusion with a keen interest in public policy and a strong love for volunteering in classrooms!

Chad has had a successful career in high fashion and commercial acting for over 20 years. Working with some of the largest brands & personalities in the world, this work has offered him experience within world cultures, marketing, photography, media & advertising with a birds eye view & hands on experience of the social, economic and environmental footprint this industry has on people & planet. Prior to this work, Chad was a college athlete and had the opportunity to work in hospitality management with the San Diego Chargers, volunteer with preschoolers through San Diego State University and studied criminal justice, gaining an interest in civil leadership. He is from California's central valley and has great interest in contributing to solutions rooted in agriculture that can drive a regenerative supply chain for the food and fiber industries and recently joined a team working to meet clean energy goals through solar installation. Chad's experience in fashion is a valuable contribution to AddyPres' program development & helps guide his participation in solar energy & the circular fashion economy.

Sarah Dhillon, Education & Graphic Design Specialist

Sarah is a professor at Pepperdine University in Southern California, holding a masters degree since 2009. Sarah holds an MBA in Strategic Management, Brand Management and Marketing while she currently finishes her Ph.D. She was born and grew up in Northern California and completed her undergraduate work at Pepperdine University, where she met her husband. The two have three beautiful daughters together.  Sarah is a very busy working mother, holding a Southern California Marketing Support position with Sodexo Inc., began teaching at Pepperdine University in 2013 within the Nutrition Department and is an active volunteer and mentor to undergraduate research students, nutrition club advisor, room mom for her daughters & PTA committee member. She is an amazing friend and tremendous contributor to AP and her community!

Chris Cohen, Attorney, Sustainable Law Group

We are honored to have the legal guidance of Chris Cohen, a partner of the Sustainable Law Group in Ojai, CA. Chris is passionate about helping forward-thinking leaders and activists use business, cooperation and creative projects to drive positive social and environmental change.

Prior to practicing law, Chris was a government relations professional for Scripps Institution of Oceanography for nearly 10 years, where he advocated for earth and ocean science programs and acquired an in-depth knowledge of environmental science and policy issues.

Chris serves on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors’ Ojai Valley Municipal Advisory Council. He also volunteers on the Board of Directors of the Ojai Valley Green Coalition, the Center for Regenerative Agriculture, and the Blue Sky Sustainable Living Center, as well as the Legal Advisory Committee for the Ojai Valley Defense Fund.

Contact Chris: info@sustainable-lawyer.com

APYS Jr. Ambassadors

Preston, Jr. APYS Ambassador

Preston is a valued AP Ambassador working with the AP leadership team to develop community relationships that help our organization provide resources & support for public schools. Preston's work is focused on climate action, which is shared through his APYS page. Preston is dedicated to learning more about how he can make an impact in the world he will inherit and assists in the development and presentation of tools that help make AP work possible. Please visit Preston's AP Young Steward activation page to join him in this important work!

Addyson, Jr. APYS Ambassador

Addyson's young passion, creativity & dedication to "help all the sea animals" was the driving force that lead AP leadership to develop the APYS Activation Pages & Mentor Program-- a toolset for families, educators and mentors to activate sustainable solutions that build a better world. Addyson supports the work of AP, participating in bringing awareness and tools to communities & schools while she grows into her responsibilities as an environmental steward. Addyson hopes others find value in the tools and helpers found on her APYS activation page!

Perimark Digital Design & Development Solutions

We have the absolute pleasure of working with Perimark for all of our digital solutions. Perimark has supported us through the concept, design, development and now growth of our digital platform with customer service we can't speak high enough of. The Perimark team continues to support us through our phases of growth with innovative strategy and development and excellent customer service we've grown to rely on. Get to know Perimark better through the link on their logo.

Contact: hello@perimark.com


Our Community

AP is a community for communities. As such, we have consulted, partnered, discussed, collaborated and created many tools, resources, information and other with a diverse community of teachers, professors, experts, organizations, leaders, parents, and professionals to build our contribution to support public schools, families & communities. If you think you have a contribution that shares our values and would like to join our team... OR HELP OUR CURRENT TEAM GET SUPPORT TO MORE SCHOOLS & COMMUNITIES, please reach out, with our gratitude!

CONTACT AddyPres Corporation

 by phone at: 310.922.8392 or

Please use the form below to connect with us! THANK YOU for your interest. *APYS College Mentors, please use the e-form located on the APYS MAIN Page.

AddyPres Corporation is a community partner for a better world. We’re proud to be Nonprofit Partners within the 1% for the Planet, global network. This network has distributed over $100 million to environmental organizations out of the belief that health and wellness come from the environment, that business is responsible for positive change and that we can leave this big blue planet better than we found it... for the children who will inherit it. Through our 1% for the Planet partnership we connect, activate & support real world opportunities in classrooms & communities building the stewards of tomorrow, TODAY.