Four Pillars for A BETTER World

In a shifting and changing world community, there are movements empowering people to connect, become aware and change the world. We are driven, in these times, by the desire to improve our practices, our youth's education & development and our stewardship as a human race; because, what we do, who we become and what we value in our one life, paves the road our children will have to travel.

At AddyPresLifeSTYLE, We want that road to be full of bounty, health and GOOD people.... responsible Commerce, compassion focused Education, strong Family values and connected Communities, will all play a role in the opportunities that exist to CREATE what is GOOD for PEOPLE & PLANET.


 We believe Education that enables Real World Opportunities with Compassionate Values is the greatest opportunity we have to make the world a BETTER place.

Our Mission.

OUR MISSION is to connect education, family, community and commerce in compassionate values that create a BETTER world for PEOPLE and PLANET. Our strategy brings high level, proven TOOLS to every classroom, family & community. Our partners & AddyPresLifeSTYLE community make these opportunities possible, TOGETHER.

The AddyPres Corporation is a NONPARTISAN 501(c)(3) Public Charity Organization that collaborates with organizations, experts, educators, parents and community & commerce leadership to discuss, implement & sustain exceptional resources, programs and educational tools that encourage compassionate values, stewardship, real world problem solving & career path opportunities for youth, that participate in creating a better world for people & planet.

AddyPresLifeSTYLE Corporation is a family, educator and community resource that celebrates responsible commerce, makes tools available to educators & families and supports training, curriculum & programming needs for schools. AddyPresLifeSTYLE was built to sustain & support the community work of AddyPres Corporation.

AddyPresLifeSTYLE Corporation is a Socially Responsible Company. We’re proud to say that we are members of One Percent for the Planet, a global network that has distributed over $100 million to environmental organizations out of the belief that health and wellness come from the environment, that business is responsible for positive change and that we can leave this big blue planet better than we found it. Through One Percent for the Planet, we donate our time and money to education programs & resources that inspire the stewards of tomorrow.

What We Do.

AddyPres supports schools, families & communities with resources, information, guides, tools, training and kits that help build compassionate leadership. Our tools help facilitate value focused education & community outreach, family connect opportunities, funding & training for teachers & celebrate responsible commerce. Our frameworks, tools and alliance programs reach & impact schools, youth & kids clubs, homes & communities, improving methods and practice along the way. Learn more about our KIND IDEAS GIVE Program and how you can participate as a SUPPORT PARTNER or a GIVE RECIPIENT with AddyPres!


If you are interested in becoming part of our SPONSOR NETWORK, supporting public schools, families & our affiliate community organizations, THANK YOU!!

YOUR SPONSORSHIP helps us connect and support public school educators and community organizations, in shared values. This support enables high level teacher training & resources distribution and the collaborative creation of curriculum, real world impact experiences & 21st century career path opportunities for students... AS A community, FOR communities within our network infrastructure.

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Our Team

Chad & Vanessa Cole, AddyPres Co-Founders

Chad & Vanessa Cole founded the AddyPres Corporation, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity in 2014 with great passion to support thriving, happy children and the education & family resources needed to achieve this success. Their decision came through the experience of the pressures they began to see & feel in their own children, living in the climate of today's fast paced world. To them, this pace felt like it was outrunning their children's natural human development and becoming a source of negative impact for their family's dynamics, their children's education and the JOY of their LIFE.

This prompted them to seek the root causes & find solutions. Their fateful journey, the world challenges that illuminated through their quest, the questions they continue to ask and the answers they seek are shared through the work they do with the AddyPresFoundation and here on AddyPresLifeStyle, an online resource established in 2016 with the goal to connect families, educators & communities to resources that build a better world for people and planet.

Both creatives, Chad & Vanessa's experiences of life guide their journey. Chad has had a successful career in high fashion and commercial acting for over 20 years, working with some of the largest brands & personalities in the world. His work has gained him knowledge in world cultures, marketing, photography, media & advertising. Prior to this work, Chad was a college athlete and had the opportunity to work in hospitality management with the San Diego Chargers, volunteer with preschoolers through San Diego State University and studied criminal justice, gaining an interest in civil leadership. He is from California's central valley and has great interest in contributing to solutions rooted in agriculture that can contribute to solving the environmental crisis.

Vanessa, raised by a single mother and one of  5 children, knows that life requires perseverance. Our founding president traveled the world, as a model right after high school, not believing college to be in her cards, even though she had always been more of an intellectual type. It was her husband, Chad that introduced her to the opportunities that college would gain her, and encouraged her to attend. Vanessa graduated a Consumer Sciences Major with emphasis in Political Science, volunteered in college leadership on a graduation planning committee, interned for a State Senator, then followed a gut instinct to work for a design firm for 5 years after graduating--- building diverse life skills and talents with a value for civic and social duty. It was when her children entered public school that all of her life's experiences would come to play a fateful passage for the civic leadership & dedication it would take to create the AddyPres Foundation, offering the opportunity to participate in improving two social challenges she believes passionately can change the world, education and environmentalism.

Chad & Vanessa's ideal world would have families, communities and educators working in unison to encourage thriving children who have compassion for all living beings, love their neighbors and embrace & contribute to the beauty of a healthy planet & it's people. Their every day is centered in supporting the realization of this dream. Read more about our founders, Chad & Vanessa.

Sarah De Los Santos, PsyD

Known to some of her younger clients as their “doctor for feelings”, Sarah, is a Licensed Psychologist and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst currently practicing in Thousand Oaks, Ca.  With over 14 years of experience, she specializes in helping children, teens and young adults express and manage their emotions, build confidence and improve self-esteem. Sarah has specific expertise in several areas, notably in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Learning Theory and Applied Behavior Analysis.  She earned an undergraduate from UC Santa Barbara, a Masters in Science from Cal Lutheran University and a Doctorate in Psychology from Alliant International University.  Sarah actively supports her community, attends international conferences, staying current in her field and is passionate about helping young people become emotionally healthy & happy with the ability to thrive! Sarah is an instrumental addition to the AddyPres team, offering expertise that will assist our family & educator communities. She comes from a caring, family, is an EXPERT nail artist, has been known to dye her hair pink, loves to cook and enjoys the stillness of beach days with her husband.

Sarah Dhillon, Education & Graphic Design Specialist

Sarah was born and grew up in Northern California. She completed her undergraduate work at Pepperdine University, where she met her husband. The two have three beautiful daughters together. Sarah holds and MBA in Strategic Management, Brand Management and Marketing while she currently seeks her Ph.D. Sarah is a very busy working mother, holding a Southern California Marketing Support position with Sodexo Inc., began teaching at Pepperdine University in 2013 within the Nutrition Department and is an active volunteer and mentor to undergraduate research students, nutrition club advisor, room mom for her daughters, PTA committee member and girl scout troop co-leader. She is an amazing friend and tremendous contributor to our AddyPres efforts and tools!

Krista Gonzales, Education Contributor

A dedicated educator for 22 years, Krista has extensive experience and currently teaches 2nd grade at a California Blue Ribbon Awarded School she helped write the application for. Originally from Minnesota, where she grew up working for her uncle, the director of a children's home, she first taught in New Jersey where she received the Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, was Teacher of the Year, and was nominated three times for the Disney's Teacher Award. She then moved to California, where she met her husband, who is an educator as well. Krista's dedication to improving the lives and education of students has her exploring progressive solutions in her classroom & volunteering for countless committees, including Leadership, Technology, GATE, Report Card, ELD and she was nominated for the Honda Kindness Award. Krista has 3 children and loves to bake! She is a kind and generous educator with a glowing aura that can be felt by all who she inspires!

Kate Camp, Education Contributor

Beyond Kate's infectious smile and beautiful energy, she has been an educator for 16 years and has taught preschool, adult education, middle school, and elementary school. Her passion to help all of her students see their true potential as scholars and human beings can be felt in the effort she makes in her classroom. Kate sits on her School Site Council, helped write the Blue Ribbon application for Westlake Hills Elementary and organizes an annual Coat Drive for children in need. Kate graduated from California Lutheran University with a Bachelors in English and a Multiple Subject Credential and has completed hundreds of hours of professional development. She has been married for 18 years, her husband a serviceman of the law, and has two precious children, a son and daughter. She enjoys cooking, reading a good book, and dance parties in the living room!!

Chris Cohen, Attorney, Sustainable Law Group

We are honored to have the legal guidance of Chris Cohen, a partner of the Sustainable Law Group in Ojai, CA. Chris is passionate about helping forward-thinking leaders and activists use business, cooperation and creative projects to drive positive social and environmental change.

Prior to practicing law, Chris was a government relations professional for Scripps Institution of Oceanography for nearly 10 years, where he advocated for earth and ocean science programs and acquired an in-depth knowledge of environmental science and policy issues.

Chris serves on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors’ Ojai Valley Municipal Advisory Council. He also volunteers on the Board of Directors of the Ojai Valley Green Coalition, the Center for Regenerative Agriculture, and the Blue Sky Sustainable Living Center, as well as the Legal Advisory Committee for the Ojai Valley Defense Fund.

Contact Chris: info@sustainable-lawyer.com

Perimark Digital Design & Development Solutions

We have the absolute pleasure of working with Perimark for all of our digital solutions. Perimark has supported us through the complete design, development and now growth of our digital platform with customer service we can't speak high enough of. The Perimark team continues to support us through our phases of growth with innovative strategy and development and excellent customer service we've grown to rely on.

Contact: hello@perimark.com

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