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AP Family Resources Page

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | April 9, 2020
AP Resources For Family Fun, Learning & Connection Welcome AP families! This page was developed to be a resource for you to connect. We've enjoyed every resource, video and activity on the page and hope the experiences you create with your family brings sunshine into your life! Thank you for the generous support from our
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TIPS to Build LIFE SKILLS KIDS NEED When THEY PARTICIPATE in Creating a Better World

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | July 21, 2018
Written by, Vanessa Cole with Consultation by, Dr. Sarah De Los Santos¬† July 21, 2018   It was a standard summer night in our house... the kids were sprawled out on the sofa, tired & sunburned, (despite the layers of sunscreen we applied) from a long day at the beach... when you're literally IN THE