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Welcome AP families! This page was developed to be a resource for you to connect. We've enjoyed every resource, video and activity on the page and hope the experiences you create with your family brings sunshine into your life! Thank you for the generous support from our donors, for making this page possible to share!

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 AP KIND IDEAS Activity #1 with author, Kobi Yamada

WATCH: Kobi Yamada's, What Do You Do With An Idea AP video


This scripted directive can support homeschooling parents or parents looking for a connecting activity to do as a family! Enjoy exploring your children's interests, strengths & limitations while discussing ways to build their courage to share their kind ideas!

DOWNLOAD NOW: KIND IDEAS Building Courage Activity Sheet for activity #1

*This can be an impactful family experience even with older children. We created a prompt sheet that had our teen write his interests, strengths & limitations, then discuss them as a family instead of working from the activity sheet.

AP KIND IDEAS Activity #2 with author, Kobi Yamada


We call this activity the AP KIND IDEAS Canvas Art Project. It has special meaning to us as the activity that inspired our pre-COVID era School Give Program! As an extension to activity #1, we hope this activity will inspire your children to share their Kind Ideas with the world in a unique and impactful way! Please share your experience with us! (This activity was developed from the AP KIND IDEAS 5 Day Elementary Experience available to educators).

DOWNLOAD NOW: KIND IDEAS Egg Character Tracer Sheet for activity #2

Deep in the Woods with author Christopher Corr Activity #1

WATCH: Christopher Corr's, Deep in the Woods AP video

DOWNLOAD CORR ACTIVITY DIRECTIVE #1 NOW: This scripted directive is to support homeschooling parents or parents looking for a connecting activity to do as a family! You'll inspire social awareness, empathy, community and respect with the opportunity to develop a long term, impactful goal you set as a family!


Deep in the Woods with author, Christopher Corr Activity #2


Our Deep in the Woods with Christopher Corr Art Project is an extension to activity #1. We hope this activity will inspire a meaningful family conversation about your true dream house and allow your children to describe what this means to them, then show you through artistic expression. Please share your experience with us! (This activity was developed from AP Solver6 #2, available to educators).

The APYS Activation Pages offer individuals, families, groups & schools to participation in sustainable solutions for people & planet. We developed many free tools within these pages for you to use! Please visit the APYS Mentor Program page to learn more and activate as a family!

DOWNLOAD the AP 5 R's TOOL for Families NOW

The AP Nutrition Toolbox was developed as a tool for families to learn more about how our food choices can make a powerfully, positive impact on people & planet. If your family participates in Corr Activity #1 above, you'll utilize this toolbox's videos to inspire your family's organic garden project!

VISIT the AP Nutrition Toolbox NOW




REAL PLAY COALITION, was developed by support partners, National Geographic, Lego Foundation, UNICEF, IKEA & ARUP. This website offers hundreds of activities that get families going and connected indoors and outdoors, with or without equipment. Families will love this resource for afternoons, weekends and any other time you want to have fun together! Recommended for all ages.

VOOKS provides a kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of read aloud animated story books. Enjoyed by millions of children every week, trusted by parents and loved by teachers around the globe!  You not only have animated story books, but the copy highlights as the story unfolds so your child can read along and there are great resources that go along with the books. WE LOVE THIS TOOL!

TED ED has launched Earth School, 30 quests for students around the world to celebrate, explore and connect with nature! Go for a month long adventure of daily adventures – or quests – that will help your family understand and celebrate our natural world, while learning about how dependent we are on our planet. Now more than ever, we need to protect, nurture and care for Earth – so join Ted Ed to learn something amazing every weekday. Within each lesson, you’ll find fascinating resources compiled by Earth experts and ideas for getting involved in ways that count. (#EarthSchool)

DISNEY & Khan Academy partnered up to offer an incredible middle/high school level real world online course. This course is so fun it makes for a great family or home school experience! Have you ever wondered how theme parks come to life? Disney Imagineers from hundreds of career disciplines around the world share how they use a wide range of skills – from story development and conceptual design, to math, physics and engineering – that all come together to create immersive experiences. Imagineering in a Box allows you to explore different aspects of theme park design, from characters to ride development, as you design a theme park of your very own.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation & Author Christiane Dorion have teamed up to launch an EXCEPTIONAL learning site based on the original book, "How We Make Stuff" by Christian Dorian. Ellen MacArthur foundation is, in our opinion,  THE SOURCE for circular economics and this exceptional website will engage parents, students and teachers, with videos, printable lesson and activity plans and more. Do visit, do accept our gratitude for creating opportunities kids in today's world need to have!

EDUTOPIA: We offer the George Lucas Education Foundation's, Edutopia as a VALUABLE RESOURCE for Education that Works. Edutopia is a great resource to stay informed on what is happening in education so you can be an effective partner with your children's educators.


PARENT TOOLKIT is an online resource developed with parents in mind. The resource is produced by NBC News Education Nation and supported by Pearson to provide information about almost every aspect of your child’s development. This resource also covers important topics for navigating life after high school.

PATAGONIA ACTION WORKS connects families with it's environmental grantees, helping them participate to solve the most pressing issues facing the world today. Use our link to find a volunteer opportunity near you!


TECHNOLOGY is a huge navigation point for families with so many uncharted waters! For expert technology information we recommend Common Sense Media. We also offer our AP Family Technology Use Agreement, as a conversation starter TOOL to discuss  technology responsibilities.

FREE DOWNLOAD: AP Tech Agreement for Families

If you feel that your child or teen's gaming habits are taking over their life (or yours), we recommend Game Quitters. This exceptional tool will guide you through resources you need to determine if your child's gaming is a problem, new hobby ideas, how to get them off gaming, a global community, over 200 videos and more.



Common Sense Media has teamed up with the Center for Humane Technology, an organization of former tech industry insiders, to make digital well-being and health a priority. Together with industry experts, health professionals, and researchers, they are advocating for technology that works in our best interests and empowering educators and families everywhere to support kids' digital well-being. PLEASE visit their family page below.

Digital Well-Being Means

  • Tech companies that design products that feel less addictive, support ongoing research into the impacts of technology on children's well-being, and value people over profit.
  • Parents, teachers, and kids who are aware of the rewards and the risks of technology and practice healthy media habits together.
  • We all have the tools to become good digital citizens, with access to high-quality information outside of our filter bubbles.

VISIT NOW: Center for Humane Tech Parent & Student Page

MINDFULNESS is a proven effective tool, especially for today's hectic family schedules! Mindfulness and mindful breathing practice has been scientifically proven to help create a balanced neurological system. What does this mean? When the triggers of life activate the stress response-- for kids, this trigger is as simple as distraction, boredom, or someone saying something that hurts their feelings or as complex as when THEY FEEL anxious, stressed or depressed--- the amygdala, works as a GUARD DOG in SURVIVAL MODE. In this state,  information is blocked from the prefrontal cortex, a place where higher cognitive control happens until the threat is gone. A child (or adult) who is self aware can pause when this survival mode is triggered, to identify their thoughts and feelings & how these will affect their actions, using mindfulness to assess the situation. Mindfulness can be used to help settle the amygdala. This tool allows a child (or adult) to gain more control of their body response & come to a balanced neurological state; providing the perfect climate for healthy brain function and responsible decision making. PARENTS: this is where we want our kids to be when they play, learn, do sports, interact with others, communicate and CONNECT for a better life. (Information sourced from 10 Mindful Minutes by Goldie Hawn & Wendy Holden.)


MIND YETI, is a tool developed by the experts at Committee for Children, as an exceptional online mindfulness  tool. We suggest this tool for families with young children and within elementary classrooms.


HEAD SPACE is a fantastic mindfulness tool for middle and high school classrooms & youth. It's also a great tool for families. Parents! Your mindful balance is tested every day! We suggest a mindful moment spent with HeadSpace and the HeadSpace blog also offers great advice and tips for all things healthy mindset!

Parents & Teachers have appreciated our AP Tools & Resources, we hope your family will too!