Why Every Parent Should Read 10 Mindful Minutes By, Goldie Hawn

10 Mindful Minutes written by Goldie Hawn with Wendy Holden was first published a few years back, but the message and strategies within have never been so poignant as they are NOW. The facts surrounding the stress and pressure being put on our children are far beyond the option of ignoring. "Our children are facing challenges never experienced by any previous generation. In an overstimulating, fast-paced society, they are at tremendous emotional risk. [It is only by] helping them to help themselves, that we will have the opportunity to support them managing their stress and, in so doing, remind ourselves of the importance of managing our own."--- John Gottman, author of Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child


How do we support our children in such a fast world? What is it that's making it so fast? Am I demanding too much from my children? Am I contributing to my child becoming stressed too? What do I truly WANT for my children? These are the hard questions we need to ask ourselves as parents because the facts are too blatant not to. And beyond asking them & coming to concrete decisions, MAKING A FORWARD MOTION toward fixing what is broken.


As a parent, myself, I know, from the moment that little angel is set in your arms, with their coos, the sweetest scent to ever engulf your senses, the feel of their soft, fragile body, their little eyes looking up at you, there is no power or energy that is stronger on this planet and it takes over your very soul. All of a sudden, with a new realization of life's purpose, this little miraculous being is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, gaining for you, a depth of life that can't be duplicated in any other way and a drive to do what is best for them, always, to the best of your ability.


And what an added, beautiful gift, to have a precious beginning--- a fresh start to raise and nurture this little human into a beautiful person, regardless of the journey you traveled to get to the day they were born. I know this is the perspective we all share, as parents. And isn't it also true, that beyond EVERYTHING else...

...all that you could ever want for your precious child is to be happy,

to be fulfilled and to grow to be a kind, giving and empathetic people...


Of course. This is what we all strive for, but life steps in the way sometimes and navigating the pressures of being parents becomes a challenge we can never completely prepare, certainly not from the moment they are set in our arms as infants, especially in a world that has progressed so rapidly. Instead of trying to prepare what is unknown we can only take our steps day by day, supporting them to thrive in whatever world they have inherited from us.


Personally, I would choose a life of happiness for my children over a life of monetary success. You can always work harder to make more money, but if you can't live in the moment to enjoy it, what good is it anyway? UNICEF once reported that the children of the United States were the second least happy children in the world and the first, least happy children in the world were the children of the United Kingdom... two modern thinking, well established countries in the world. How does this happen to the little babies who smiled "between fifty and seventy times a day, and [the] toddler who smiled approximately six hundred times a day", so the research suggests. There are many variables to get to these answers, of course, but the facts remain that suicide is the current number 3 cause of death for children ages 10-24 and anxiety and depression in children are at staggering rates costing them their happiness, balance, health and education. As a parent, I can't ignore these statistics.


The great news is that there is forward movement to support our children on all fronts---parents, teachers, administrators, organizations and government officials who are all recognizing that current systems aren't working. And the answers that they are turning to point in one solid direction: Social Emotional Learning, coping skills and mindfulness.


At first, it may seem that focusing on the social and emotional balance of our children will put them "behind" in a too-fast world. Because after all, the boy down the street is in training to be the next EVERYTHING, and he's REALLY busy---shouldn't your child compete?! Take a moment to process how silly that statement sounds, then refocus. What will make your child a balanced, happy, intelligent person? One open and able to take in and process information, education and the ability to be at peace to feel joy through the journey? Can't they do anything THEY WANT to do successfully if they have this perspective and capability? Certainly, we can see that this perspective will open the most viable support for our children to truly thrive in today's fast paced, technological world. (pssst....it's scientifically proven to be successful).


It is said that we have an innate human drive within us all to want to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. Wouldn't it make sense, then, to support our children in achieving THIS goal? If this is the goal, one HAS to look at what it is that makes us happy... THIS is the starting point where we began our journey. We know it will lead you to the path we are and have been traveling for the past two years here at the AddyPres Organizations. The path that lead us to where we are gladly grabbing hold of Goldie Hawn's hand and her MIND UP team with a goal to support our children, bringing mindfulness into their classrooms so we support them to thrive in life and learning.

Read more about the importance of preparing our children with Mind, Project and Evidence Based Learning in today's world, within the messages and missions of the George Lucas Education Foundation, The Kennedy Forum, The Organization of Deans, & the 2015 California State Wide Task Force who conducted a study of the faults of our education system and the necessary mind based solutions to support our children's success in today's fast paced world.

We want you to hold our hand too--- so we all work together to support the health and happiness of ALL OF OUR CHILDREN.


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