5 Tips to Build Your Kids Conversational Skills this Holiday Season!

The holidays... ahhh that special time of year, when we come together with family and friends to celebrate with gifts, music, food and hot chocolate! Some of my absolute FAVORITE things in life! With food & festivities, comes opportunities to interact with others in gay merriment... or absolute eye-opening enlightenment, if yours, is the child who doesn't look up from a video game when uncle Travis says, "Hi! How's school going?" OR the one who turns and walks away to play as Grandma Sally is mid-sentence talking about her recent church group debacle.

This is why we think utilizing holiday festivities is a great opportunity to teach conversational skills!

We love the Parent ToolKit Article: Social Skills for the Holidays by, Faye de Muyshondt, offering tips for parents to utilize holiday festivities & family time to build conversational life skills. In the article, Faye offers 5, on point tips to offer your kids, PRE-EVENT, so they can impress your family members with their exceptional conversational skills (and use them later in life to thrive)!

Please follow this link to Parent ToolKit's 5 Tips! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!