A Movie That Inspires You to Hear The Music of Life & 5 Tips to Making Family Movie Night a Success!

WE LOVE MOVIES! When they are written well, they offer such an opportunity to learn and discuss LIFE with our kids. Recently, on a family movie night, we watched August Rush (2007 rated PG from writers Nick Castle, James Hart and Paul Castro, available on Netflix). It was powerful in it's message for each of us. Prompting us all to reflect on our own lives. For our son, his love of making his own music, for our daughter her curiosity of others, for my husband, his love for his children and how deep that runs through his soul and for me, purpose & depth of character and it's driving forces.

Movie's do that, don't they? Inspire our own reflection. What a gift, to have the ability to create such an emotion evoking tool. And how lucky we all are to be enriched by those who possess such gifts and share them with all of us.  I think observing someone elses story... their dreams, challenges or journey through the mind's eye, opens us to hear and see our own.  I think that's because we are all connected--- even though, so often, we try to ignore this, we can't communicate it effectively or inadvertently can't hear or see that it's true. I think becoming too busy can quiet the simplicity of feeling, acknowledging and celebrating this connection. It will cloud our judgement, steering us, instead to focus on what we have been lead to believe will bring us joy, when connection is really all that life is about.

SHHHH... do you hear it? What is the music of your life? Is there something blocking you from hearing it or feeling it? What is it? Or is your heart wide open?

I promise, this movie will move you...



We offer Common Sense Media's 5 Tips to Make Family Movie Night a Success

By Sierra Filucci published on commonsensemedia.org June 2016

Connecting as a family and helping kids with media literacy are important values for families in a media driven society. We say this a lot, but we think it's worth repeating: It's important to get involved in your kids media lives -– and your kids will love it too (within reason!). But helping them become critical media consumers can be easier said than done. What’s a sure-fire way to stay involved with your kids' media picks and create an opportunity to discuss them? Host a family movie night!

5 tips for Making Family Movie Night Work

Schedule it. Make it a regular date and time and don't break it. Turn off cell phones and ban multitasking during the show.

Take turns choosing the movie. If you've got little kids, pre-select a group to choose from (to avoid watching Care Bears IV over and over again). If you've got teens, tell them you'll watch anything they choose as long as they return the favor when it's your turn. Enforce a "no complaining" rule.

Location, location, location. Hang a sheet in the backyard, rent a projector, and sit on beach chairs to celebrate a classic like The Wizard of Oz. Or take family movie night on the road during vacations or at the grandparents’ house (Singin' in the Rain, perhaps?).

Make it a theme night. This can be simple or elaborate. Eat popsicles with March of the Penguins or make food art with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Dress in costume for A Princess Bride, or learn a few magic tricks before Harry Potter.

Talk about it. When credits roll or the next day, make time to chat about what you watched. Kids might be interested in learning more about animation or Hollywood history. Visit the library to follow up on interests piqued by the movie. Talking with kids about how movie characters handled fictional situations can be a subtle way to reinforce your family's values or get kids to open up about their lives.