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Our BOOK LIST offers book suggestions FOR KIDS, PARENTS & EDUCATORS

APSolver6 Introductory Bundle Series Book Titles

The AP Solver6 is an educational framework we provide FREE to our community. The introductory elementary bundle is available on the AP Solver6 Page. The following 3 books do not come with the download and will be needed to complete the curriculum.

AP Solver6 #1

We're All Wonders by, RJ Palacio

Recommended age 4-10 when partnered with Solver6 Activity Plan.


AP Solver6 #2 & #3

Deep In the Woods by, Christopher Corr

Recommended age 4-10 when partnered with Solver6 Activity Plan.

AP Solver6 #4

An Awesome Book by, Dallas Clayton

Recommended age 4-10 when partnered with Solver6 Activity Plan.


"Through the innovative use of literature and arts, AddyPres has created tangible tools and inclusive methods that promote social emotional learning in the classroom and at home. Barnes & Noble is proud to be a community partner with AddyPres Foundation on this crucial journey to help sustain our planet's future through thriving, mindful children & families." ---Jenny, Barnes & Noble Community Business Development Manager




What Do You Do With An IDEA by, Kobi Yamada


The Nature Fix by, Florance Williams


Make Space by, Scott Doorley & Scott Witthoft

AP Featured Authors & Artists

Kobi Yamada, Author

Live Inspired is author Kobi Yamada's motto for his publishing company, Compendium Inc. He creates inspiredchildren's books, like WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA?, WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A PROBLEM and WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A CHANCE, all with beautiful messages that have served as great resources for the work we do to support public school teachers who inspire kind, conscious problem solvers! Kobi's books don't have an age recommendation because they touch children and adults alike! Thank you Kobi and our family at Compendium, we appreciate you! Look for our AP KIND IDEAS with Kobi Yamada school program in 2018!

Dallas Clayton, Author Illustrator

Dallas Clayton is an author, illustrator, public speaker, mural painter, and adventure seeker! He spreads kindness and joy with his very being! He's just RAD. You can read, share or purchase his AWESOME books, finding many on our book list and even featured as book suggestions partnered with our Solver6 SEL enrichment program!

Oliver Jeffers, Author Illustrator

We've been reading Oliver Jeffers' stories to our little people for years! I've always loved how quiet and thoughtful they are-- so organically simple & warm. His illustrations are easy for a child to relate to and fun for an adult to enjoy! A couple of our favorite titles are How To Catch A Star, Lost And Found, The Day The Crayons Quit & The Day The Crayons Came Home--- We also love Oliver's new title: Here We Are (fall 2017). Here, Oliver speaks about the book: "it's based on the things I began saying to our newborn son the moment we took him home from the hospital as I gave him a quick tour of our apartment.
 It started off as a book about the realization that new life is a blank slate (trying to explain what a door is, and what a kitchen is for), and the strangeness of being a new parent. But as the book unfolded, so did the global events of the last year or so, and it felt like it became more urgent to reinforce some basic things my parents taught me about the simple principles of humanity. I wanted my son to know that while we are all unique individuals, we are all in this together."

Author, Artist, Illustrator Christopher Corr

Christopher's book Deep In the Woods provided the inspiration for not just one of our introductory Solver6 enrichment series curriculum offerings but TWO! This story book will brighten your world with it's community message of friendship, forgiveness and working together making it a story to read over an over for any age! Christopher has been a great friend to AddyPres as we built our contribution for a better world! We appreciate you Christopher!

Mindfulness Expert & Author Susan Kaiser Greenland

Susan Kaiser Greenland is an internationally recognized leader in teaching mindfulness and meditation to children, teens, and families. Susan and her husband, the author Seth Greenland, founded The Inner Kids Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that taught secular mindfulness in schools and community-based programs in the greater Los Angeles area from 2001 through 2009. Susan was on the clinical team of the Pediatric Pain Clinic at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, co-investigator on several UCLA research studies on the impact of mindfulness in education, and a collaborator on an investigation of mindful eating for children and caregivers. Research on the Inner Kids elementary school program has been published in the Journal of Applied School Psychology. In 2006, Susan was recognized as a "Champion for our Children" by First 5 LA, the largest and most influential children's advocacy group in Los Angeles. We highly recommend Susan's Mindful Games Deck, a suggestion we make in several of our Solver6 Enrichment Series Lesson Plans!! PURCHASE THIS DECK NOW

SHOP: Jack Johnson, In Between Dreams Album

Jack Johnson, singer/songwriter has been singing to our family's hearts for years. So many simple memories of time spent together in the sunshine either on the beach watching our kids play in the waves or over a glass of wine together in our backyard, Jack Johnson's music brings back our most treasured memories. "Better Together" from his album, In Between Dreams can be heard in our Landing Page video and you can purchase the album from the shop link above. This purchase will be facilitated by our partners Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Thank you, Jack!