OUR Journey to Participate in Creating a Better World

Our Commitment to contribute to a BETTER WORLD, grew from the deepest source of compassion- that of parents for our child. Our son's innate PUSH away from conformity at an early age paved our route to an enlightened path.

It was a journey of discovery to find where his push was rooted--- but we understood LOUD AND CLEAR what brought him peace at a time he really needed it… his connection to the planet.

Our son, by the age of 4 knew the scientific name of hundreds of marine mammals and dinosaurs, he LIVED for his experiences at the ocean or outside, digging in the dirt, discovering bugs and visiting museums & aquariums, where he could feed these interests and revel in his innate connection to where we all evolved from. He couldn't get his little hands on enough factual books about the planet, and the animals that inhabited. Not because we were environmental enthusiasts or tree huggers (although these titles are now respectfully fitting), instead, our son’s quests were driven through his own innate curiosity & connection.

So, we followed his lead. The ocean, its creatures, the wind, the rain, crashing waves, grass rustling in the breeze... he heard & felt it all on a level that was different than ours, and we were fascinated by it, so we opened ways for him to be part of it, everyday and slowly our innate love was re-introduced. We loved the opportunity of experiencing what HE STOPPED to feel or listen to because of his CONNECTION. And these simple experiences breathed LIFE into him--- they were the same things we stopped paying attention to, as adults in our busy lives, and our fast paced lifeSTYLES…. UNTIL HIM.



So WE LEARNED. We learned from HIS VALUE for a mindful pace and his NEED to stay connected to nature. But we couldn’t shield him from the inevitable, when, like millions of other American children, his connection would be interrupted to START KINDERGARTEN IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM.

In our family experience, this was a time we all felt and saw a light begin to fade in our son and an anxiety level surface in it’s place that ripped our hearts out, and impacted our family—

This anxiety continued until we learned WHY and started to give back, ONLY SOME of the pieces that had been removed; in the best ways we could, outside of school.

Nonetheless, the lack of partnership to meet his needs in school, affected his life… and ours.

Our son walked into school IN TUNE with what is REAL and a natural thirst to learn more about his world... he wanted to hear it, feel it, stay connected to it... and he needed his education to value these things while giving him more. His pure curiosity gave him the innate ability to academically excel beyond his peers… until a system that didn’t offer opportunities to foster his thirst gradually began to chip away at his spirit & natural love of learning… building tools, instead that would work to BLOCK his innate connection and consequently his ability to contribute to the world, in his way.

Over time and much struggle our son has grown older and learned many of the SKILLS of Conformity, as we have termed them, within an education system that can’t possibly meet his needs, because it doesn’t value the same outcome or the same journey to get there. As his parents, we still wonder WHY.

From our experience, we've learned it would be far more productive in our 21st century world to have a VALUE in elementary education that builds LIFE SKILLS through opportunities that keep our children connected to the things that will impact their lives and a partnership with parents to achieve this. We have always felt that education should work to encourage a never-ending quest of participation in our children, with the benefit of all as an end result. We believe this is what our children enter school to find, especially in a world where they can obtain information about anything in a moments time. Providing the tools that will inspire them is our duty, in partnership as parents, educators and communities.

Like so many parents, we often think of the "what if" that would allow us to go back to when our son entered school, now knowing what his struggle was then. We’d love the opportunity to hear our 5 year old son saying, "I need more… I need to remain connected to the earth while I'm at school. I need to be valued for who I am and what I bring there.”

And we'd have the opportunity to say, "WE HEAR YOU, and we KNOW HOW TO SUPPORT YOU” — able to offer this support through a partnership with his educators that would value these needs too…

What difference this could have made in our journey and his struggle.

But, like all parents, WE CAN’T GO BACK. So our struggle has paved our road of participation, for BETTER...

We learned through our son’s struggle how impactful our connection to nature is for our soul and our very existence. We learned that building & valuing LIFE SKILLS in our education system is a necessary component to help our children thrive there and in the world as they grow.

SO, WE WORK, NOW. We work to provide opportunities that bring to classrooms what children innately crave… the experiences that value REAL THINGS, KEEP THEM CONNECTED TO THEM and build LIFE SKILLS that lead to a BETTER WORLD for them, and for all of us, with their contribution.



We work to EMPOWER THEIR VOICES to speak a language we can all hear and learn from, enabling their contribution during a pinnacle window of time BEFORE they stop hearing the sounds of what is real and stop feeling their innate connection to the planet and what it provides for their life, and everyone elses.

Because our WORLD depends on it, OUR MISSION is to provide tools that enable a connection between family, education, community and commerce in SHARED VALUES for PEOPLE & PLANET that will build a pipeline Of the Stewards of Tomorrow.