Our Love Affair with BOOKS!

By, Vanessa Cole  May 26, 2018

I remember as a school aged child the feeling I would get when summer break was coming. School was challenging for me with social anxiety and summer break offered a much needed reprieve... no crowded classrooms, no uncomfortable approaches to lunch tables, no weighted obligations to overachieve.... instead quiet summer days swimming and READING BOOKS.

Reading was my earthly heaven offering me the opportunity to explore worlds I hadn't seen yet, "meet" fascinating people and offer guidance for interactions I didn't have the courage to approach in real life... I could live in the worlds of the characters and imagine myself doing the things they did, inspiring me, teaching me and bringing me such happiness.

Now that I have two children of my own, I have taught them a value for books and reading because I'm sure it will bring them the joy it brought me as a child and now as an adult. As a family, we read everyday, visit the library and book stores regularly and even our AddyPresLifeSTYLE Solver6 framework & Kind Ideas Program are both built from the inspiration of our love of books. Today, my husband and I hope, as parents to offer our children the joy, escape and inspiration that books have always brought to us.

It is in this spirit that we launch the AddyPresLifeSTYLE BOOKLIST! You'll find three AddyPresLifeSTYLE Book List Categories: FOR KIDS, where you'll find books for ages pre-k through early middle school curated with value in building GOOD people. Our 11 year old son, Preston's favorites are in this list too! Our FOR PARENTS list hosts our favorite books to inspire healthy, connected families and our FOR EDUCATORS list is where you'll find selections for teachers who seek to engage the opportunity to create a better world through their work in the classroom.

Our Book List will continue to grow, offered through our relationship with Barnes & Noble Book Sellers & Compendium Inc. If you are a school and would like to make a bulk purchase for the Kind Ideas program or any of our introductory Solver6 lessons, just reach out!

AddyPresLifeSTYLE is a 1% for the planet organization and your APShop purchases support EDUCATION that builds the stewards of tomorrow, THANK YOU!

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