Collaborated with, Dr. Sarah De Los Santos

As the school year closes, and summer is upon us, most kids are SUPER EXCITED to have some time off! Their parents, however, are wondering how they are going to keep their kids occupied for the entire summer without breaking the bank on childcare and camps! Our parent community is also wondering how to take advantage of quality time together, building stronger connection as a family and developing new ways to live a more healthful, fulfilled family life together.

No parent likes to hear the dreaded phrases, "MOM, I'm BOOOORRRDDD" or "There's nothing to DOOOOOO, Dad!"

Our guide is meant to inspire your ideas with the goal of family connection, building life skills and keeping kids busy and fulfilled through the summer! We'll continue to add to this guide through the summer and message through our newsletter when new activities and ideas are available for you to check out, so be sure to sign up for the AddyPresLifeSTYLE Newsletter (see footer)!

Dr. Sarah's Tips For an ``I'm Bored-FREE`` Summer

Dr. Sarah Tip #1:

At the start of the summer, have your kids brainstorm all the activities and ideas of the things they would love to do over the summer. As your kids get excited writing their ideas down, let them know these are ideas, and you might not have the opportunity to do them all but it is important to hear their thoughts in how the family will spend time together over the summer. Figuring out the activities and summer you envision and what your children envision will provide great communication and an opportunity to map the calendar out, giving them things to look forward to and you time to plan.


Dr. Sarah Tip #2:

Disguise academic work as FUN! It's no secret that children adjust better to school again when they've kept up a routine that includes reading & writing over the summer. Utilize the AddyPres LifeSTYLE BOOK LIST FOR KIDS and Purchase the AddyPres LifeSTYLE Solver6 Introductory Activity Bundle! This Social Emotional Learning activity bundle comes with 4 series plans and can easily keep your family busy through the summer, warding off academic slide... without giving your kids the notion that they are doing academics! Perfect for kids age 4-10, the bundle gives families the opportunity to connect through storybook lead, life-skill building conversations, art activities and other volunteer & community suggestions.  Use the activities at home, on a picnic or when you're headed out to eat!

Purchase the full Solver6 Introductory Bundle, complete with the AP Solver6 #1-4 For Families Activity Plans!

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*Our Book List has suggestions For KIDS, For PARENTS & For EDUCATORS. All books are sold through our partnership with Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Your purchase supports our work for schools, families & communities, thank you!

Dr. Sarah Tip #3:

Since so much time is spent outdoors over the summer, it is a great time to learn about the environment and the importance of  preserving our natural resources. You can do this in fun ways with your kids through lifestyle choices! One suggestion, instead of shopping at the grocery store, research when the local farmers markets are servicing your area, and make it a new weekly routine to buy your organic fruits and vegetables at one near by. While there, ask questions so your kids see the modeled behavior: "where is your farm? Are these organic? Do you know about Regenerative Organic Practices?" Your kids might notice their favorite fruit or veggie isn't available because it's out of season, they might also notice a whole lot of new things they don't recognize... this is a great opportunity to grow their mindset! Have your kids choose NEW FRUIT & VEGGIE selections then GIVE THEM the task of researching a recipe to make something NEW for the family! 

*For a great Cook Book be sure to check out the AddyPres Nutrition ToolBox,  a guide and journey to find a healthy FOOD LIFESTYLE that works for families & sustains the bounty of the land it came from!


Dr. Sarah Tip #4:

Plan an outdoor movie night.... FOR YOUR FRIENDS or YOUR COMMUNITY! Summer time is a great time to inspire civic leadership in YOU & YOUR KIDS! Civic leadership is so important for our communities to stay connected and build a better world. Help your children plan a simple, outdoor movie night that connects their family and friends! Help them gather and set up any supplies they'll need and invite friends and family.

Make the opportunity even more impactful by planning a community movie night! Help your kids reach out to their educators, local business' and city officials to bring the resources they'll need for a park or outdoor area movie night: a projector, screen, film, live music, food, etc... You can reach out to an organization that does work for the environment, education or other services (like AddyPres Foundation!!) and use the experience to connect your community and raise dollars for a cause your family believes in.  Remember, the point of the event should be to include ALL of your community and your movie selection can message something of goodwill! You can reach out to AddyPres on our For Community Page to help you with this kind of civic leadership opportunity!