Everyday Ways for Families to REDUCE their Footprint

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Written by, Vanessa Cole September 28th, 2019

As a VERY busy mom of two, between homeschool (and all it's prep work), enrichment and athletic drop offs and pick ups and our commitment to support communities, I have the opportunity to speak with many different parents and educators on a daily basis. I get to hear their ground level, real world challenges in raising children within a world that is so rapidly changing with such urgent concerns for our children's well-being, safety and ability to thrive... no matter what effort we put forth for them. There is an air of urgency, but also frustration in most of the conversations I have. New and positive changes aren't coming without hurdles as commerce and systems struggle to meet the demands of such rapid shifts driven by passionate parents, informed consumers, aware youth and the necessity to save our dear planet.

On one hand we understand the WHY of putting "responsible changes" into play within our busy lives, yet on the other hand, it becomes almost overwhelming to decipher such a magnitude and plethora of  information into motion. Our lifestyles, for so long have been driven by consumerism, convenience, one-use and the next new, new, new.... it's hard to shift that mindset to acknowledge the many challenges this has created, challenges that are so interconnected. Even more challenging is when you realize this urgency, start to do the work to put "better" into action, and you feel so little in a sea so big, you begin to wonder if your responsibility will even make a dent among others who don't seem to feel the same urgency at all... many days, as you mindfully look at that used jelly bottle that needs rinsing before it goes into the recycle bin (so as not to taint the bundle of course), what will our meager, one family contribution do anyway?


And that something will undoubtedly inspire something or someone else, no matter how small you think your contribution might be. I know, because I've feel exactly this way and yet have been told on many occasions, that my efforts inspired someone else to take a similar measure or change something in their own lifestyle... and I'm by no mean an expert, just a mom who cares a whole damn lot.

This keeps our family focused on improving the things we become aware of because we realize we are having an impact. So, we continue to share what we learn and one by one, we'll surely get to where we need to be. This is the approach helping us stay more focused and less overwhelmed. It keeps us connected to others around us too.

We invite you to use all that we discover, and to share what you have discovered as well. So feel free to leave a comment!

Today, the following article offered us some great solutions from Sustainable America. This website offers so many tools, resources and information that can be applied to family lifestyles, but please don't let the information overwhelm your effort. Instead take one thing at a time and implement what you can, making a difference every step of the way... and thank you.


SUSTAINABLE AMERICA: New Ways to Close the Loop on Single Use Packaging by, Stacy Torino