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ACTIVATE THESE INITIATIVES with Young Steward, Addyson AGE 8

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | March 14, 2019
"Plastic Pollution is a problem I want to help solve because I care about all the animals who live in the ocean!"--- Addyson, 8 yrs.   TOOLS for MENTORS Addy INVITES all-aged Students, Parents, Teachers, Individuals and Organizations to USE her TOOLS & HELPERS through the initiatives found on this page, JOINING HER against PLASTIC

Coca-Cola: A Commerce Leader Against Plastic Pollution? Maybe.

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | January 9, 2019

  Written by, Vanessa Cole January 9, 2019 EDITED May 29, 2019 Is Coca-Cola a commerce leader in the Plastic Pollution CRISIS? It’s a tough question to answer in today’s climate, with so many things to consider, especially, if you’re a parent, like I, who feels great responsibility for the global challenges we will be

What 5 R’s Can Do For Our World

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | October 7, 2018
Written by, Vanessa Cole October 2018 As parents and community members we have compiled information to introduce what we call the 5 R's. We are not experts, but instead informed participants, forever seeking solutions to our very serious environmental crisis. These 5 R's, when enacted in legions of communities, we believe, can offer the opportunities