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Coca-Cola: Commerce Leadership in the Fight Against Plastic Pollution?

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | January 9, 2019

  Written by, Vanessa Cole January 9, 2019 Wait… a feature about Coca-Cola on AddyPresLifeSTYLE?! Yes, we are aware that Coca-Cola is a company that produces and distributes sugary drinks, which have been identified as culprits in human health concerns and that it’s participation in a one way bottle business model, did contribute to the

What 5 R’s Can Do For Our World

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | October 7, 2018
Written by, Vanessa Cole October 2018 As parents and community members we have compiled information to introduce what we call the 5 R's. We are not experts, but instead informed participants, forever seeking solutions to our very serious environmental crisis. These 5 R's, when enacted in legions of communities, we believe, can offer the opportunities

Our Commitment to People & Planet

By vanessac | Comments: 1 | August 3, 2018
  AddyPresFoundation is a proud NONPROFIT PARTNER of the 1% for the Planet Global Organization and AddyPresLifeSTYLE is a committed 1% for the Planet MEMBER. This means that we are part of a recipient network that gains support to help accomplish our work for People & Planet and that we dedicate 1% of our APShop