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AP Family Resources Page

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | April 9, 2020
AP Resources For Family Fun, Learning & Connection Welcome AP families! This page was developed to be a resource for you to connect. We've enjoyed every resource, video and activity on the page and hope the experiences you create with your family brings sunshine into your life! Thank you for the generous support from our

Our Volunteer Day at Steve Sprinkel’s Organic Farm

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | June 27, 2018
Written by, Vanessa Cole, June 2018 Our family is on a QUEST to participate in a BETTER food lifestyle because we've learned that our food lifestyles don't just impact our own family but a much larger picture that can actually regenerate our planet's health, if we all started to participate TOGETHER. This matters to us,

We All Have a Part in Our Food System

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | May 13, 2018
  Written by, Vanessa Cole May 12, 2018 Today I went to the grocery store. I had my list, found what I needed, bought it and came home. I put our groceries away in the pantry and refrigerator to await the next meal time, knowing I would have what I need. This experience is standard

Earth Day Is EVERYDAY: Inspiring Good People Who Do Good Things

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | April 8, 2018
April 8, 2018 By, Vanessa Cole This month we celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day and Global Youth Service Day. Our family LOVES the outdoors! The beach, walks in nature, national parks, skiing & snowboarding in the snow, picking wildflowers and strawberries, picnics in the park and running through fields of corn, we take it all
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Remember Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax? We’re There.

By vanessac | Comments: 0 | December 20, 2017
By, Vanessa Cole Published December 20, 2017, edited April 9, 2018 The Lorax spoke for the trees, and they need speaking for, as do the glaciers, the ocean and the air we breathe. The impact we are having as human beings IS CHANGING the chemical make up of our planet and all that sustains us.