5 Tips to Enact A Mindful Family Plan

For families seeking balance in what has become very busy suburban lifestyles, many challenges can present themselves. Juggling schedules, not having the opportunity to "single task" and feeling like you rarely just sit down to THINK can make households quite stressful.

Here are FIVE Suggestions to help guide your family toward a more Mindfully Balanced LifeSTYLE!

  • DECIDE that becoming more present and de-stressed is a priority for your family. This decision is important because it comes with lifestyle changes that at first, may seem difficult, challenging or awkward but  will inevitably support greater happiness.
  • MAKE A LIST of all the activities, beyond school that your children are involved in AND how much time is spent on them, including drive times, practice hours & weekend hours.
  • ANALYZE YOUR LIST. Are your children present in the activities or more robotic? Are the activities related more toward happiness and enrichment or end goals? What affect does each individual's participation in different activities have on the bond between the family unit? How is it affecting the unit?
  • EXPLORE: Read, research and discuss ways that others have found a clearer mind, a more fluid and de-stressed schedule & ways in which they keep the schedule and priorities in check with what is important. * Stay tuned as AddyPresLifeSTYLE becomes a great resource for these actual solutions!
  • CONSIDER: Meditation is an age old practice with religious history, although, today the scientific research of it's benefits have made it a go-to, non-religious practice that is helping so many individuals find balance, focus, and an extra edge in athletics, academics and all things 'self'.

We hope this starter list with inspire you to start taking small steps toward a more balanced family lifestyle.

"By eliminating some of the clutter in our lives we can concentrate on what we really value, not just what we're buried under." Kim John Payne