Healthy Ways For Parents to Handle Conflict Resolution with Dr. Christine Izquierdo

This month we collaborated with our friends at THE RENEWED FREEDOM CENTER of Los Angeles and Dr. Christine Izquierdo, who offered great insight in the value of healthy parental partnerships, which are the foundation for a family to find and live a balanced family LifeSTYLE.
Dr. Christine discusses skillful ways families can handle change, mistakes and disagreements to inspire healthy learning and growth in their children. You can read more about The Renewed Freedom Center and the assistance they offer in anxiety relief and lifestyle directives by visiting their site

Children seek control and stability in their lives in order to feel safe and protected from their discomforts and fears. This is especially true when it comes to developing and maintaining social relationships. Many children will avoid conflict or being “hurt” by others, because they don’t believe they have the skills to manage these difficult and complex situations. Creating the importance for parents who wish to instill support in this regard, as the most influential resource in their child’s life, to be persistent in skillfully handling and modeling positive solutions to the challenges that life inevitably presents.

Parental Partnership relationships can only be considered “healthy” or “balanced” if the participants are able to actively learn from the difficult moments that are inevitably faced by any couple or family. If parents intentionally practice modeling a healthy, balanced relationship in which conflicts are addressed skillfully (e.g. with calm demeanor, privacy, mutual respect, mindful communication, etc.), and extend these qualities when interacting with their children, kids learn how to be assertive and compassionate with themselves and others. They also learn that conflicts can be resolved effectively and do not eternally damage the relationship.

Overcoming challenges in relationships can actually help further develop the intimate bond between and appreciation for our loved ones… While teaching the important lesson that one can disagree, manage change or make mistakes and still learn, grow and enjoy life together. This perspective also supports the philosophy used at The Renewed Freedom Center in treating social/performance anxiety, that mistakes, (changes or disagreements with others) = learning and growth vs. failure.

When parents can openly discuss disagreements, changes and mistakes with one another and their children, and identify ways to learn and grow from those moments, it strengthens the internal resources of the family to cope with challenges both inside and outside of the home.