AddyPresLifeSTYLE works to forge connections in shared values between families, education & communities,  growing GOOD People who DO GOOD things for PEOPLE & PLANET. We believe there are tools that foster these strong connections and using them creates a better world for everyone! With our support alliances, we hope to reach EVERY CLASSROOM.



The KIND IDEAS PROGRAM is a gateway experience that opens sustained funding and support for our recipient schools! This high level 5 day program was developed in partnership with New York Times Best Selling Author, Kobi Yamada, and will help build a commitment and partnership between family and school communities through art, science, literature, language arts & more, introducing 5 life skills and 5 environmental "R's"; tools that can help build GOOD people who DO GOOD things. Participation in our KIND IDEAS Give Sequence & 5 day program, gains many more K-12, district level support opportunities.  Learn More on the KIND IDEAS Page.

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Your PARTICIPATION (and 200 PARENT TOOLBOX nominations), in our GIVE PROGRAM not only GAINS the KIND IDEAS 5 Day Kick Off Program & Tools but also gains ACCESS to our most powerful support tool: the COMMUNITY FORUM. Here, we CONNECT EDUCATOR ASKS (for training, programs and high level collaboration & development opportunities) to the SPONSORS who FUND them!


If you're an EDUCATOR

Get the GIVE for your classroom, school or district through these simple steps:

1. Become a FREE AddyPresLifeSTYLE EDUCATOR Member, (by clicking button below).

2. As a member, VISIT the AddyPresLifeSTYLE EDUCATORS Page, locate the appropriate DISTRICT, SCHOOL or CLASSROOM level SEL TOOLBOX. Click into the ToolBox.

3. Within the TOOLBOX, CLICK the BUTTON LINK titled "Become An AP Give Recipient" and follow the simple steps to receive your KIND IDEAS Elementary PROGRAM GIVE.

*GIVE recipients gain access to our COMMUNITY FORUM opening district level support opportunities!

All schools and classrooms are eligible to receive! Pass the word on to your educator friends! Our mission is to reach every public school classroom! For more information

If you're a PARENT

Get the GIVE for your child's classroom, school or district through these simple steps:

1. Become a FREE AddyPresLifeSTYLE FAMILY/PARENT Member, (by clicking the button below).

2. VISIT the AddyPresLifeSTYLE FAMILIES Page, where you can click into the "Parent Tool Box".

3. Within the PARENT TOOLBOX, FILL OUT the quick e-form located at the bottom of the page, making sure to NOMINATE YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL within the form. 50 parent nominations gains licensed use for 2 classrooms and an invite to continue toward 200 nominations, opening MORE district level support! So, tell your friends!!!!

***The PARENT TOOLBOX e-form looks like this: (*** BE SURE TO NOMINATE YOUR SCHOOL***)

Membership is Your First Step To Get the GIVE!

You can gain many GIVE OPPORTUNITIES for your school & district as a parent or an educator!!! Becoming a member opens these opportunities and other member only resources built just for you! Be sure to sign up as an EDUCATOR or a PARENT/FAMILY  MEMBER because your member resources are curated specific to your needs!


If you are interested in becoming part of our SPONSOR SUPPORT NETWORK, supporting public schools, families & our affiliate organizations, THANK YOU!! Your support helps us build the compassionate leaders of tomorrow, creating a BETTER world for PEOPLE & PLANET!

If you are a commerce leader or corporation, please learn more about our mutually beneficial partnerships by contacting us to receive our media kit link, we look forward to the partnership we can build for our communities & schools!

If you are an individual interested in sponsoring our work, THANK YOU! Please visit our SPONSOR NOW link.

LEARN MORE, Contact:

Social Emotional Learning: A Powerful Tool

Social Emotional Learning (SEL), as defined by the Collaborative for Academic Social Emotional Learning, is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

SEL is not a single program or teaching method but an integrated approach across classrooms, schools, districts, homes & communities. SEL is emerging as a KEY INDICATOR OF STUDENT SUCCESS in life and learning.

The work of the AddyPres organizations advocates for and supports CASEL recommended SEL frameworks as a powerful tool that can build positive life skills. Our organization creates high level introductory & awareness resources & programs that inform, enrich and build opportunities for committed educators to gain the funding, training, collaboration & support they require to be successful partners within their communities and with families.

AddyPresLifeSTYLE also works with grassroot environmental organizations who share our values for a better world. We open collaboration opportunities within our alliance network for our give recipient educators to connect & create value based curriculum, real world impact experiences & career path opportunities for their students... with the funding they need to be successful!