AddyPresLifeSTYLE’s Summer Rules For A Mindful Daily Start

Summer is upon us! If your kids aren't out of school already, you're counting down! There's so much excitement for summer, no homework, no early morning chaos, no sports season... just open time to fill with fun!!

WHOA! A whole lot of open time to fill, and after the first week of AWWWWE... this can quickly turn to "OH MY GOSH... WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TODAY?!" Don't worry, we'll help you with this in our posts to come... For now, let's focus on the mindset of beginning each summer day with a plan of center and positive perspective. Beyond all else, remember these precious days, each and every one, are days in your family's life together.

We've created a Summer Rules List that will support healthy mind & body for you and your kids! Giving your kids a daily list they can own and accomplish with little help from you (other than some minor prep work), gaining them a sense of accomplishment and independence. Be sure you go over the list with your kids first, and have fun making a chart with illustrations if you have a new reader.

THIS SUMMER look for our new teacher contributor posts that are COMING SOON!! These will help ward off the summer slide, and fit right into the Summer Rules list for RULE # 6 & 7--- our focus will be on building the strength of your kids epicenter through executive functions, cognitive development and mindfulness gaining them the tools that will help them thrive in whatever life or education challenges are thrown their way--- stress, reading, perspective, math, writing, problem solving, sports, friendship, family... got it covered.

 Rules to Help Keep The Summer Balanced

Rule #1: No Screen Time until the list is complete (by this point, there likely won't be time for screens except a healthy amount--- don't worry, we'll have suggestions for solving this mystery!)

Rule #2: Take care of your body's basic needs. Have a healthy breakfast (see some suggestions on our Nutrition Page), brush your teeth, get dressed, clean your room.

Rule #3: Greet the new day with gratitude by taking 3-10 mins as a family or individual to center in mindfulness. (Check out some of our favorite ways to engage your kids with mindfulness games & exercises on our Practice Page)

Rule #4: Read for at least 20 mins. (visits to the local library are great LOVE OF READING excursions. Also check out our reading list on our Education Page)

Rule #5: Do something OUTSIDE. Perhaps plant a garden that will need tending to daily, create a fun activity or craft the night before for kids to do outside, playing with a pet, climbing trees & sand pits are really therapeutic for all ages and a little water can inspire even the "coolest" big kids to play, go for a walk, hike or bike ride!

Rule #6: Combat your summer slide! Write one paragraph in your summer journal, do one math problem (AddyPres is growing it's team this summer, look for suggestions from our TEACHER CONTRIBUTORS who will offer so much insight, lesson plans, projects and advice for Educators and Parents on our Education Page, COMING SOON!).

Rule #7: HAVE FUN playing, building, crafting, drawing, painting, or otherwise creating something!

This list should help begin the summer days with balance! Look for our suggestions to help you fill the rest of your plans as we  FOLLOW these rules and STEP OUTSIDE them a little too, throughout the summer! Keep busy LIVING while dropping some new tools in the toolbox that will guide your family into a more mindful journey with a better ability to accept the challenges and embrace the beauty! HAPPY SUMMER!!