Full AP Solver6 Introductory Bundle with 4 complete Solver6 Series offerings

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AP Solver6 For Families Introductory Bundle (Solver6 #1-4)

The AP Solver6 Series Introductory Bundle for FAMILIES includes all 4 of our introductory series, each offering 2+ hours of SEL focused enrichment opportunities that will engage self management, self awareness, social awareness, responsible decision making & relationship skills through activities, mindfulness, discussion, literature, reflection and art. With this bundle you gain use of downloadable files for Solver6 #1: Gratitude & Wonder,  Solver6 #2: Deep In The Woods with Friendship & Community, Solver6 #3: Deep In the Woods with Forgiveness and Solver6 #4 An Awesome Ocean Ecosystem. Your FAMILY LEVEL purchase licenses you to use these Solver6 Series Activity Plans for home use.

Please note, book suggestions: We're All Wonders by, R.J. Palacio, Deep In The Woods by, Christopher Corr and An Awesome Book by, Dallas Clayton  are not included with your purchase. Individual book orders for these suggestions are available on our main page and will be facilitated by our partnership with Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

Type of Download: pdf

Number of Pages for Bundle Download: 31 pages


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