AP Solver6 Introductory Bundles for Teachers & Families

THE FOLLOWING Solver6 CURRICULUM BUNDLES ARE NOW OFFERED FREE for use in classrooms, home school and includes the collaborating FAMILY ACTIVITY BUNDLES for parents TOO!

*A book read video of the Deep In the Woods story book is available for viewing in conjunction with the Solver6 #2 & #3 bundles within the Family Resources page.

Solver6 #1-4 Introductory Bundles Include:

*Downloadable files of full lesson plans, each with activities and curriculum built through the ©Solver6 Framework: We Center. We're Inspired. We Express. We Solve. We Celebrate. We Reflect. (up to 1 month of enriching learning opportunities & inspiration per series)
*Activity Sheets
*Extensions suggestions & links
*AND the ©Solver6 Series For Families coordinating offerings for each series

*NOTE: Partner Book suggestions are sold separately and can be found at local libraries & online bookstores

DOWNLOAD NOW: each ©Solver6 Introductory Series #1-4 with coordinating Family Activity offering

Coordinating Solver6 Book Suggestions

You'll need 3 story books for the ©Solver6 Introductory Bundles